HDR’s Giles Raposa Accepts the WTS International Employer of the Year Award

Dorri Raposa

Dorri Giles Raposa

Senior Vice President & Transportation Client Development Director

“On behalf of HDR and its 8,000 employee owners, I am honored and humbled to accept the WTS International Employer of the Year. In my 20 years at HDR I have seen this company move from being owned by a foreign contractor to a company owned by each and every one of us. When I joined the firm there was one woman officer, today there are 120. That’s good progress, but it’s not enough. Our work is not done and we know it.  

What makes me and my colleagues know that we will get there is in how we live as a company. We strive to be a company that matters and recognize that in this business, it’s our people that matter most.  

I was struck by one of the comments that Gloria Steinem made this afternoon at the Keynote Luncheon. It resonates with HDR and our focus on a diverse workforce. She said ‘we do not learn from sameness, we learn from difference.’ Diversity makes us strong …
One of the hallmark’s of HDR’s culture is coaching and mentoring our younger staff. We do that in many ways, some formal and some informal. I and my other senior colleagues see this role as our responsibility. In fact, it’s everyone’s responsibility in the company …
HDR’s commitment to WTS does not waiver. This year alone we have five Chapter presidents that are HDR employees and two of them represent our two newest Chapters: Alaska and Toronto ... We have representatives on more than 20 Chapter boards around the WTS International system … All the HDR-WTS women are living proof that HDR is designed to inspire talented, successful women. 
Finally, I want to recognize and thank someone who believes in women, in WTS and me. He is a major reason why I am here tonight and why HDR is receiving this tremendous honor. Charlie O’Reilly is the Executive Vice President and Transportation Business Leader for HDR. He knows what matters most and why each and every one of us is critical to our collective success. Thank you, Charlie.
And, thank you again to WTS for this tremendous recognition. We do not take this honor lightly and are proud to be the WTS International Employer of the Year.”