Design 4 Others

D4O's mission is to use HDR's expertise to bring medicine & health to the world.

More than 100 of our employees volunteer with Design 4 Others™ (D4O) and other industry sponsors to design and implement critical-need facilities for communities with limited resources. We offer expertise to support communities around the world toward common goals that make a difference by providing architecture, engineering and planning services for no compensation; because together we maximize individual efforts—creating a larger collective contribution. Because disease knows no borders, D4O's work matters to us all. Eradication is the end goal, but to get there, we need to work with the local population, within the framework of their culture and resources. We are learning to modify the design of facilities to be locally sustainable.


Lwala Community Alliance

Nyanza Province, Kenya

The Lwala Community Alliance is a non-profit health and development agency founded by brothers Drs. Milton and Fred Ochieng, natives of Lwala, a rural village in the Nyanza Province of western Kenya. Milton and Fred were in attending college in the U.S. when they lost both of their parents to HIV. The brothers took this as a call to action: it became their mission to provide primary care to their community in Kenya. While in medical school at Vanderbilt, the brothers began raising funds to start a clinic back home. Their story is the subject of the documentary Sons of Lwala and has been featured on ABC World News and CNN.

After three years of active fundraising, the Lwala Community Health Center opened its doors in April of 2007. Four years later, a new maternity and integrative care wing was completed, tripling the space of the original clinic. However, even with the new wing, the Center is undersized, with staff providing more than 15,000 patient consultations each year.

D4O has been helping the Lwala healthcare community to prioritize their needs, working together to create a program for the Lwala Community Hospital. D4O worked with the Lwala team in Atlanta to complete a program and to test-fit it to the site. D4O has developed Master Plan options and a plan for Staff Housing. Plans have been handed over to a local architect who will oversee the project through construction.

The video shows construction progress at the Lwala Community Hospital. D4O designed the staff housing currently under construction in the video, and performed a peer review of the hospital addition also under construction.

Other Projects

D4O has worked across the globe with organizations like the International Association of National Public Health Institutes (IANPHI), Rwanda Institute for HIV Disease Prevention and Control, Abbott Laboratories, and the Aging in Place Partnership. Currently, we are working on a project for the Kensington Health Sciences Academy in Philadelphia.

We are also in partnership with Construction for Change to aid in for projects across Africa and Asia. Our first task order will be a health center for the Foundation for the Medical Relief of Children in Bushika, Uganda.