"Introducing the Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) an Objective and Transparent Approach"

APWA Reporter, May 2011
By John Williams, Stephane Larocque

In the United States, national emphasis is shifting to a "green" economy. Federal government agencies seeking funding are now required to provide a full accounting of their projects' social, economic and environmental impact, otherwise none as the "triple bottom line."  Meeting that reporting challenge can be difficult however, HDR's Sustainable return on Investment framework is a proven means to assigning monetary value to the costs and benefits associated with sustainable performance. 

This article takes readers through the differences between Life Cycle Cost Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, and Risk and Probability Analysis and shows how HDR has worked with those tools and related enhancements to help our clients craft sustainable business cases. It offers a specific example drawn from the water/wastewater treatment industry to sort, prioritize and make investment decisions.