"The Healing Process of Design"

livebetter magazine, January/February 2011 issue
By Doug Wignall, AIA, LEEP AP

"The Healing Process of Design," an article authored by Doug Wignall, AIA, LEEP AP, head of HDR's Healthcare group, was published in the January/February 2011 issue of livebetter magazine. The article chronicles how hospitals have used Evidence-based Design principles to transform from cold institutions filled with surfaces chosen more for durability and ease of maintenance to warm and nurturing spaces that are patient-centered, where patients are welcomed like guests, complete with concierge service, on-demand in-room dining, bedside registration and more.

The article also describes how The Military Health System (MHS) provides an ideal example of a healthcare system that is using research to create healing environments. Wignall details the five evidence-based design principles identified by the MHS that inform the decision-making process when designing healing environments for America's warriors and their families.

In the article's case study, Wignall illustrates how by effectively incorporating evidence-based design concepts into the design process, the Fort Belvoir Community Hospital is well on its way to becoming a world-class hospital and a model for the entire Military Health System.

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