HRSD VIP - An Investment in Public Health, Waterways and Economy

HRSD has invested in talented people to provide critical wastewater infrastructure to protect Hampton Roads water quality for current and future citizens.
Imagine the sights and sounds of a typical morning in Hampton Roads; a cool breeze blows in off the bay, gulls are cawing, water gently laps the shoreline, a low sound of a distant chug of a boat in the harbor, and clouds endlessly roll by overhead. Of the over 1.7 million customers that call the Hampton Roads area home, this may feel like the typical start to a workday, but for the HRSD's Virginia Initiative Plant (VIP) plant site, many staff have been hard at work, endlessly awake and attentive 24/7, to improve and keep water quality of the Elizabeth River and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay clean.
HRSD is investing in the Hampton Roads community by directly employing talented people, and hiring firms such as HDR and MEB who take pride in doing their best for the environment. It is our commitment to continue working for the people of Hampton Roads to protect public health and the waters we enjoy by treating wastewater effectively. Upgrading the VIP to an enhanced nutrient removal level is a major element in HRSD's overall strategy to meet this goal and improve local water quality.