"UNO Baxter Arena: A Case Study in Parametric Design & BIM"

September 2013
Matt Goldsberry, HDR, and Nathan Miller, CASE

"With all of the new tools and technologies at the designer's disposal, teams appear to be faster and be more informed… but ultimately, is the architecture better?"

While HDR has utilized BIM for project delivery throughout the past decade, it was only recently that digital tools have begun to transform the earliest stages of conceptualization and design development. Computation, analysis, and interoperability are enabling teams to be more iterative and thorough with the design process by providing parametric frameworks to quickly study variations and alternatives.

The University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) Baxter Arena will be the new home to the UNO Maverick's hockey team and will serve as an assembly venue for 7,500 fans and patrons. Computational design tools were leveraged for a variety of purposes throughout the design and delivery process. Through the examination of this recent HDR project, this paper will explore the implementation of the computational design process and examine the outcomes of this process related to the larger design and delivery process.