National Energy from Waste Conference

October 25, 2016 - October 27, 2016
Novotel Sydney
Brighton Beach, NSW

During the National Energy from Waste Conference, waste and resource recovery industry experts will explore the full life cycle potential of energy from waste in Australia and other countries. Bruce Howie, our Energy from Waste expert will present on advancements in traditional waste conversion technologies in North America, how it applies to the Australian market and what success should look like.

Development of New Energy from Waste Projects in North America

Thursday, October 27
Presenter: Bruce Howie, Vice President

In the last decade, North America has seen advancements in traditional waste conversion technologies, such as combustion and mechanical separation, as well as emerging technologies like anaerobic digestion and waste-to-fuel processes. Forward-thinking waste management projects in the Durham Region, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta within Canada, in addition to San Jose, California and West Palm Beach, Florida in the United States are happening today. This session will take you on a forward-thinking journey to explore innovative technologies and improvements to transform once discarded materials into a renewable resource.

Let's admit, there's always trial and error with lessons learned, which tell us there is still a long road yet to travel. The lessons learned to date can be applied to waste management practices in Australia.  We plan to present the similarities and differences in the drivers and roadblocks to existing and future energy from waste projects, as well as, the key elements of how success should look in the Australian market.   

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