HDR Research in the News

(January 23, 2008) - An issue paper authored by three HDR engineers for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was cited in an Environmental Science & Technology (ES&T) online article about hazardous metals in drinking water.

Melinda Friedman, Andrew Hill and Michael Britton of HDR's Bellevue, Wash., office authored the Total Coliform Rule Issue paper in December 2006 for the EPA titled "Inorganic Contaminant Accumulation in Potable Water Distribution Systems".

HDR's paper for the EPA is cited as a source identifying the high level of contaminants in drinking water as a potentially significant problem. The EPA is considering this issue as part of the ongoing review of the total coliform rule.

The ES&T article focuses on how mobilization of mineral deposits in the distribution system can contaminate treated water before it reaches the tap. The article also mentions how corrosion within the distribution system has been blamed for high lead levels in Washington, D.C. drinking water. Read more about HDR's related lead chemistry research for the DC Water and Sewer Authority in the HDR Waterscapes publication's article "National Implications of the DC Lead Experience" by Steve Reiber, Ph.D., Gregg Kirmeyer, P.E. and Rich Giani, DC WASA.