HDR Acquisition of e2M Making Industry News

(January 15, 2010) - The June 2009 acquisition of e2M by HDR is still generating news in the industry. The combination of resources and skill sets position HDR|e2M to take on a leading role in the federal environmental market in coming years. And, despite economic turmoil in other areas, this is a market area that is expected to continue to expand over the next decade, with an abundance of work anticipated in remediation and environmental studies and permitting assistance. 
AEC Finance News, a new monthly publication of the A/E/C industry market research and publishing firm Zweig White, featured a full-page article about the acquisition of e2M by HDR in its December 2009 issue. The article explains how the merging of skill sets of both firms was the result of the synergies developed between the two firms as they teamed on multiple projects in recent years. In the end, both HDR and e2M recognized that advantages would flow for both firms by joining together officially.
As its monthly "Merger and Acquisition" feature, the AEC Finance News article describes e2M as the "missing piece" in HDR's puzzle, as our Federal program expands work to support federal environmental projects. On the other hand, joining HDR allowed the 410 employees of e2M immediate access to the resources of a large firm, positioning HDR|e2M to compete against other industry leaders for major federal contracts.