HDR Biologists to Present Cutting Edge Research at Marine Mammal Conference

(November 22, 2011) - Experts from HDR's Marine Science team will be presenting research at the Biology of Marine Mammals Conference, Nov. 27 to Dec. 2, in Tampa, Fla.

HDR experts are presenting the "Impacts of Anthropogenic Noise on Marine Mammals and Impacts to Critical Habitats." If you aren't in the Tampa area you can receive a copy of the presentation following the conference.

The presenters and the titles of their presentations are:

  • Audiogram of a stranded Blainville's beaked whale measured using auditory evoked potential - Aude Pacini
  • First Noise Measurements of an Oscillator System for Drilled Shafts: Its Implications for the Endangered Cook Inlet Beluga Whale -  Dagmar Fertl, Michael Richlen, Keri Lestyk
  • Changes in Abundance, Density and Diversity of Marine Mammals in the Southern California Bight 1998-1999 vs. 2008-2011 - Mari A. Smultea, Jenelle Black, Kate Lomac-MacNair, Cathy Bacon
  • Interactions between Sperm Whales and Risso's and Northern Right Whale Dolphins off San Diego - Mari A. Smultea, Kate Lomac-MacNair

HDR's Marine Science team establishes collaborative relationships with public and private sector clients to meet the challenges of marine resources monitoring, mitigation and regulatory compliance. HDR's expert project managers, marine scientists and engineers provide a comprehensive range of marine services for navigation, submarine cable, off-shore energy, seismic and military projects.

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