Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital Cover Story for Eco-Structure Magazine

(February 10, 2012) - Fort Belvoir Community Hospital was featured as the cover story for the January/February 2012 issue of Eco-Structure Magazine.

The article, "Research and Rehabilitation," focuses on sustainable features of the building, noting how evidence-based design (EBD) and sustainable return on investment analysis informed design choices; Fort Belvoir is the first military hospital in the country to adopt these techniques.

"The result of HDR's green strategy is an estimated 27 percent energy reduction, a savings of nearly $500,000 on annual energy costs, and an estimated savings of 4,000 tons in CO2 emissions—all compared to a standard-design hospital," according to Jeff Getty, lead architectural designer on the project. Getty is quoted throughout the article.

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital was designed by HDR in a joint venture with Dewberry.