HDR’s Brandhuber Publishes Article on Manganese in Journal AWWA

(June 15, 2015) - Phil Brandhuber, Ph.D., a water project manager at HDR who specializes in water quality and drinking water treatment, authored an article on manganese that appears in a recent Journal of American Water Works Association. Chance Lauderdale, Ph.D., drinking water director, also contributed to the article. The article is entitled, "Manganese Moves to the Forefront."

Manganese is a contaminant that occurs in nature and is frequently found in drinking water supplies. Traditionally it is considered a nuisance, since its presence discolors drinking water by giving it a dark hue. But as Brandhuber's article discusses, recent research is beginning to tie high levels of manganese in drinking water to developmental deficiencies in children. While the research is not conclusive, manganese is reemerging as a water quality issue. In addition to new health effects research, the article discusses recent improvements to manganese treatment technology.

Brandhuber and others at HDR have been studying manganese for the past seven years. In 2013, Brandhuber and Sarah Clark, a senior water project manager, and other researchers authored "Guidance for the Treatment of Manganese," a Water Research Foundation-sponsored manual that recommends more stringent water treatment for manganese.

The article appears in the March 2015 issue and starts on page 39. It is copyrighted by AWWA and available to subscribers only.

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