Building Commissioning Authority (BCxA) Features Kenny Reed's Commissioning Case Study

(July 22, 2016) – HDR's Senior Commissioning Agent, Kenny Reed PE, CxAP, CEM, has made it his mission to build a case for targeted commissioning in critical environments. Designed to reduce building energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions, commissioning involves testing and retesting systems to ensure optimum performance.

A recent case featured on the Building Commissioning Authority (BCxA) website documents his solutions. In the article Kenny takes an in-depth look at an existing laboratory considered to be mission critical, and illustrates how the client benefits from targeted building commissioning. Highlighting three proven strategies that work to improve chiller performance in a mission critical environment, he shares how gathering data can be done without disrupting operations.

Talking about best practices when undertaking an existing building commissioning project, he says:  "It's important to begin with the end in mind" and to:

  • Right size the scope based on the current facility needs and balance the scope with a reasonable budget—to achieve maximum success.
  • Leverage technology when capturing historical data to help expedite the investigation and lead to more streamlined solutions.
  • Track the progress and benchmark with a plan to maintain ongoing performance.

Read the full study here.