HDR Selected for New Spaceport Colorado Planning and Licensing Services Contract

(February 20, 2013)—HDR has been selected to provide feasibility studies, including all architectural, engineering, environmental, planning, and project management services for the new Spaceport Colorado project. After a nearly year-long selection process, the team will begin the studies on February 25 for this fast-tracked project, scheduled for completion before the end of 2013. This pivotal step in the Front Range Airport's ability to execute a 21st-century spaceport travel and technology center will initially pave the way for the airport to obtain its spaceport license through the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation (FAA/AST). The feasibility studies will determine the logistics needed to operate a commercial spaceport, such as requirements for space vehicles, storage, launch and landing, and other operational details.

Leading the HDR team for this innovative space transportation venture, Project Director Michael Miller, AIA, LEED AP, CSI-CDT, says, "We are excited and truly honored to have been selected as the consultant for Spaceport Colorado, and we look forward to working with the Front Range Airport Authority on this very important project. We believe Spaceport Colorado can have a significant impact not only in Colorado and the region, but it can become a global hub for the commercial space transportation industry and a critical player in the network of spaceport facilities that are currently being planned and developed in key locations around the world."

Receiving $660,000 in public and private funding, the Spaceport project moves forward with HDR at the helm to determine if the Front Range Airport provides a viable location for a commercial space launch site. Key aspects of the studies include the ability for Spaceport Colorado to operate spaceflight and micro satellite launches, offer commercial pilot training, perform scientific research, and to serve as an international sub-orbital transportation facility.

A group of subject matter experts collaborated on the Spaceport project, including HDR's team of consultants (listed alphabetically): Allan Lockheed & Associates, Cardno TEC, Economic Strategies LLC, Luis Vidal+Architects, Mojave Air & Space Port, Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies, and Silverwing Enterprises.

"Spaceport Colorado could revolutionize global commerce," said Dennis Heap, executive director for the Front Range Airport. "The opportunities that an international, horizontal-launch spaceport presents are limitless, and the hundred-plus aerospace researchers, manufacturers and innovation companies in our backyard gives Colorado a head start in establishing an economy based on sub-orbital flight."