HDR Launches New Remedé Collection with Architex

(April 12, 2013) - HDR is excited to announce the launch of the fourth collection of textiles in a range of performance technologies and color palettes in our seventh year of collaboration with Architex. While the patterns and color palettes are child-friendly, the soothing collection translates to a wide range of built environments including hospitality, corporate and various types of healthcare facilities.

The new Remedé collection is inspired by nature and familiar objects from "the world around us." Whether depicting an animal, plant-life or landscape, the playful ambiguity of the patterns lends itself to various ecosystems around the world—sparking curiosity and wonder. Each whimsical pattern and color palette triggers a different sensory response, depending on the viewer's culture and world experiences.

"Our initial goal was to create a sophisticated pediatric collection that appealed to both young patients and adults," shares Steve LaHood, Director of Product Development. "We began the design process by envisioning what types of natural elements a child might see from their own window. As a result, the patterns, whether they depict a herd of sheep or flower blossoms, are comforting and familiar while being otherworldly and engaging at the same time."

Also included in this collection are super-graphic, large-repeat pattern cubicle curtains, which can be used in a range of contexts as a life-sized, customizable mural. The patterns have, in some cases, an unprecedented 180-inch repeat that can provide the opportunity for different looks with the same material. Designed to coordinate with the textile patterns in the collection, the cubicle curtains can also be used as draperies since they withstand the stringent cleaning standards associated with healthcare facilities.

Backed by Crypton technology and solution-dyed nylon blend construction, these durable products are bleach cleanable and protect the harshest, most high traffic environments against moisture, stains, bacteria and odors. Woven, sourced and finished in the USA, this collection is responsibly produced with optimized manufacturing processes to reduce water and energy consumption.