HDR’s Barry Barnet Publishes Article in ASHRAE Journal

(September 25, 2013) - Barry Barnet, PE, LEED AP, a senior associate and HVAC engineer out of HDR Architecture's Lawrenceville, N.J. office, published an article titled "Energy Recovery in Lab Air-Handling Systems," in the prestigious peer-review publication, the ASHRAE Journal. He presents a compelling argument for the use of advanced and innovative HVAC systems, even within the sensitive environment of a laboratory, in order to reduce energy consumption. 

Steve Waller, PE, LEED AP, senior vice president and director of S+T engineering at HDR Architecture says: "Barry's commitment to sustainable and energy-efficient design is evident in this article. Traditional mechanical design for over 100 years dealt with only the seasonal peaks in summer and winter; Barry's design shows a dedication to the entire operating year. For research facilities with 100% outside air designs it is even more important in terms of energy efficiency but requires additional design time to incorporate the multiple modes of operation for all of the mechanical equipment. So, additional work is required in checking part load conditions of each and every piece of equipment. It is that dedication that makes Barry a different breed of engineer, committed to designing better HVAC systems for Science + Technology facilities."