California Health Care Facility Team Wins IPI Partnered Project of the Year Award

(May 28, 2014) - The HDR project team, part of the Clark-McCarthy a Joint Venture (CMAJV) for the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation (CDCR), California Health Care Facility (CHCF) Stockton, recently won the 2014 International Partnering Institute's (IPI) Partnered Project of the Year Award. Taking top honors with the John L. Martin founder's award, the project team was recognized by IPI for building high trust working relationships, exemplifying the best practices in partnering, resolving issues and achieving results—with true culture change. The award was presented at the ceremony on May 15 in the San Francisco International Airport's Aviation Museum.

The winning team: The multi-dimensional design-build team is comprised of the owner CDCR, designer HDR, the builder Clark-McCarthy Construction, construction managers Vanir and URS, along with the facilitators, The Realignment Group and FMI Corporation. Steve Riojas and Al Korth accepted the award for HDR, along with Mike Meredith at CDCR, Steve Dell'Orto with Clark Construction and Mike Ricker with McCarthy.

The project: The largest correctional healthcare facility in the country and the first major design-build project undertaken by the owner. CHCF-Stockton provides intermediate, medical and mental healthcare in a facility for inmate-patients of the CDCR prison in 1.2 million square feet of space on a 77-acre site in central California. The new facility will help ensure quality long-term care for rapidly aging inmate-patients with a wide variety of serious and chronic medical and mental health issues in a safe and secure environment.

The challenge: Faced with an extremely ambitious and court-mandated project schedule of just 22 months, something great occurred on this challenging and unusual project, initially during a few key sessions monitored by a professional facilitator, on through the unprecedented process that ensured this project was designed, built and occupied by the "drop-dead" date. 

The solution: Driven by three key partnership concepts—commitment, communication and collaboration—the team devised several process innovations, allowing the project to be delivered on time and on budget. Not only was the challenge met, but it was designed and built to create a healing environment that is filled with light and is clear and easy to understand for inmate-patients and staff.

CDCR Project Director Mike Meredith sums it up perfectly, "This project is testimony to what can happen when a team of design and construction professionals put their best foot forward. The level of commitment, from the department's stakeholders to the consultants, inspectors, regulatory agencies, vendors and subcontractors was tremendous. The project's chief motivation seemed to be that of not letting your teammates down!"