Sound Transit Awards Civil Construction Management Consultant Services for East Link Bellevue Segment to HDR

(October 8, 2014) - To fulfill a voter measure passed in 2008, Sound Transit has awarded through a competitive procurement, its construction management services contract for East Link's light rail Bellevue Segment to HDR. Voters approved the measure to construct and operate a light rail transit system in the Puget Sound region.

East Link will expand upon a 21st century public transit system in the northwest and offer a fast and reliable alternative to rising congestion. The Bellevue Segment will provide an additional five miles of rail service, connecting the central business district to the high tech sector of the Eastside communities. The project is expected to open in 2023. HDR services will include construction project oversight, quality verification, project controls and scheduling expertise monitoring, field inspection, commissioning, regulation compliance and independent cost estimating.

About HDR's Transit Experience

Because transit is not one size fits all, we help clients with everything from navigating MAP-21 and other funding alternatives, to managing program development and design, to providing construction management for new and established systems. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes extending Boston's Green Line, one of the oldest light rail systems in the United States, the Downtown Rapid Transit Expansion Study in Toronto and consulting on every phase of the new Sun Link modern streetcar in Tucson.

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