HDR|DKS and HDR|Salva to Operate as HDR

(October 27, 2014) – Two companies that joined global engineering, architecture and consulting firm HDR are now going to operate under the HDR name. DKS Consulting Engineers, which specialises in public infrastructure including highway design, joined HDR in 2012 and did business as HDR|DKS. Salva Resources, which specialises in mining exploration and consultancy and commodity analysis, joined HDR in 2013 and did business as HDR|Salva

"HDR's practice with acquisitions is to honor the name equity firms have built up before they adopt the HDR name," says David Bell, HDR's managing director in Australia. "The firms that join us work hard to build that equity and we want our employees and clients to have a level of comfort before changing the name they do business under." 

Lachlan Broadfoot, HDR's mining sector director and former Salva Resources managing director, said the only change clients will notice is the name. "We are still at the forefront of providing world-class mining capabilities, with the added global talent HDR makes available to our clients."

Mark Dykman, managing principal of HDR's Queensland transportation business unit and former senior partner with DKS, added that they look forward to doing business as HDR. "It completes the transition we started two years ago and we're excited about reaching this milestone."

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