HDR Wins Veterans Affairs Space Planning and SEPS Task Order

(December 24, 2014) - HDR is pleased to announce that our Federal Healthcare Planning team has been awarded additional work on planning standards for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Building on a five–year record of working with the VA under an Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to develop and update healthcare planning standards for clinical and clinical support departments and to implement the standards in the Space and Equipment Planning System (SEPS) software, the VA has once again awarded us with a one-year task order to update, implement and maintain the SEPS 3.0 healthcare space planning criteria for the VA, as well as to implement a 2011 Presidential Executive Order "Promoting Efficient Spending" aka "Fit the Footprint" in the space planning standards for all VA healthcare facilities system-wide (hospitals, medical centers and outpatient clinics).. Led by director Ron Villasante in our Alexandria Virginia office, the team will begin work under this task order to:

  • Develop the VA Outpatient / PACT Clinic space planning criteria which incorporate the VA Patient-Aligned Care Team (PACT) model of primary care for all VA outpatient clinics.
  • Implement and test the updated PACT space criteria in SEPS 3.0.
  • Train VA planners, architects, designers and other A/Es on the applicability of the criteria
    (under a separate TO).
  • Update the 64 clinical and non-clinical chapters of the VA PG-18-9 Space Planning Criteria based on the "Fit the Footprint" initiative with a goal to ensure a more efficient use of the government's real estate, by streamlining the size of off-stage work areas (offices, workstations and other related spaces).
  • Implement and test the 64 updates in SEPS 3.0.

Already working with the VA on a number of crucial initiatives this team has developed and updated the space and equipment planning criteria, defining the baseline space and equipment requirements for the Program For Design (PFD) of any minor or major project, new footprint or renovation used in all of the VA hospitals, medical centers and outpatient clinics, and provided the associated training on applicability of these pivotal standards in SEPS 3.0. Additionally, they have previously updated and developed the Design Guide and Equipment Guidelist standards for Mental Health, Polytrauma, Dental Service and Sterile Processing Service and Logistics. (PG-18-12 of the Design Guide and PG-18-5 of the Equipment Guidelist).