Colloquium Explores How Healthcare Facilities Can Prepare for Outbreaks of Infectious Disease

(March 18, 2015) — The Eagleson Institute and HDR are co-sponsoring a colloquium to discuss how leaders in healthcare can safely handle patients presenting with symptoms of highly infectious and dangerous diseases. In addition to keynote speakers Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, Chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Daniel Pollock, MD, Centers for Disease Control, other participants include experts from esteemed universities and front-line institutions as well as clinical specialists, architects and engineers from HDR.

Healthcare Facility Response & Design for Highly Pathogenic Infectious Diseases

April 9 ‒ 10, 2015

Crowne Plaza Ravinia, Atlanta, GA

The recent Ebola outbreak made it readily apparent to all of us that highly pathogenic disease will travel out of Africa. Research institutions know how to handle these diseases in the lab, but how do we handle these life-threatening, highly contagious diseases outside of the lab?

What architectural and engineering strategies can we implement to create barriers for containment? What about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? And protocols? What can we do to protect patients' privacy and medical-records confidentiality under such stressful conditions? Looking forward, how can we build healthcare facilities today that are set up for outbreaks in the future? What is the ideal paradigm?

This colloquium will provide opportunities for brain-storming real-life solutions to these and other concerns regarding the "next" outbreak—whatever the disease—to prevent a pandemic.