Director of Predictive Analytics Added to HDR Team

(January 27, 2016) - As we work to help our clients make better and more fully informed decisions for the future, we have added Branden Collingsworth as the Director of Predictive Analytics.  In his new role, Branden will provide strategic leadership for predictive modeling efforts and the statistical methodologies used in outcome studies. He will be based in the Omaha, Neb. office.

Branden will lead all analytic projects, initiatives, and the development of new tools. He will work with business development leaders to market and promote predictive analytic products and services, identify big data opportunities for population health predictive models, and direct data architecture for all data-related elements.

"I'm excited to work with clients to help solve their problems using data science and predictive analytics, says Branden. "I hope to bring a fresh perspective and a new way of approaching problems."

For the past five years, Branden has worked with business executives to explain how predictive analytics uses data to find patterns, trends and relationships that can be used to make more informed predictions about the future.

"I'm passionate about gaining new and interesting insights from data," shares Branden. "By bringing predictive analytics to new applications and finding innovative ways to apply statistics, we have a great opportunity to add value in new and exciting ways."