John MacAllister Presents at 2016 AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference

(November 2, 2016) - HDR Justice Consulting Director John MacAllister will moderate a panel discussion titled: "Lessons from the Planning and Design of Secure Mental Health Facilities: Potential Benefits of Application in Corrections and Detention" during the AIA Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) Conference November 2 – 5, 2016 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The annual Academy of Architecture for Justice Conference is centered on sharing and advancing best practices in justice architecture. Other panel participants include Stephen A. Carter, AICP CGL, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Corrections Rick Raemisch, Kenneth Scalf, AIA, Deputy Director/Architect, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction, Tennessee DOC, Erin Persky, Associate AIA, Jay Farbstien Associates.

The workshop and panel will focus on the question: What type of environments can enhance mental health treatment and outcomes within a custodial arena? Panelists will compare current standards against increasing focus on rehabilitation and appropriate infrastructure in today's rapidly changing corrections and detention arenas. The panel will discuss major shifts in the justice systems, constitutional issues involved in medical and mental health treatment, and alternative programs, along with recidivism, solitary confinement and transition programs. 

In addition to participating in the AAJ conference, our justice leaders are involved in other important committees during the entire year:

  • Mark Ryan, jury chair for the AAJ Review committee, will also co-preside at the Justice Facilities Review luncheon celebration where the discussion will focus on current courthouse design and highlight and recognize a range of recent projects from around the country which exemplify outstanding examples of justice facility design.
  • Melissa M. Farling  currently serves in the Advisory Leadership Group and as a Research & Technology liaison. The AIA/AAJ Research Committee is committed to supporting design decision-making through scientific research for its members, in a user-friendly manner.
  • Justice Principal David Bostwick serves a justice partner. The Justice Partners Committee establishes professional relationships with partner organizations, including the American Corrections Association (ACA), American Jail Association (AJA), the National Association of Court Managers (NACM), and the International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP).
  • Senior Project Manager Tom Perica will attend the conference, bringing his expertise in civic and courts design and planning to the discussions.