Condition Assessment Wall Chart: Extending Asset Life

Condition Assessment Wall Chart
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The 2014 edition of "Extending Asset Life" is packed with practical, usable information to help you maintain:

  • Storm and Sanitary Sewer Gravity Pipelines
  • Pressure Pipe and Force Mains
  • Treatment Plants and Pump Stations
  • Concrete and Steel Tanks

Condition assessment is the core of a well run utility management program. It determines the state of your utility's assets and helps you collect standardized data that can be used to optimize your maintenance strategies. This updated condition assessment wall chart includes a combination of reference tools and guidance information to help you:

  • Extend asset life: Replacement is expensive and condition assessment can identify action to extend an asset's remaining useful life.
  • Reduce incidence of failure: Unexpected asset failure has adverse consequences beyond replacement cost. Condition assessment is a proactive management technique that will help you avoid the adverse consequences of sudden failure.
  • Save money: Smart condition assessment stretches your utility dollars. Over the life of an asset, proactive condition assessment, followed by targeted maintenance, costs significantly less than reactive repairs due to unexpected, catastrophic failures.
  • Protect public health and safety: Condition assessment may reduce contamination due to main breaks, SSOs or CSOs, and may identify water quality issues in reservoirs.

The chart outlines a standard condition assessment project flow, includes clear tables of assessment tools for both pressure and gravity pipelines, information on both steel and concrete water reservoir corrosion protection, facility assessment codes and standards, and a primer on pump station trending as a condition assessment tool.

In today's budget-conscious world, it's critical to keep infrastructure operating both safely and well for as long as possible. Our chart's theme, "Extending Asset Life," is a reflection of this environment, where maintaining what you have is more important than ever.