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13th Edition of HDR's SDWA Regulations Wall Chart Now Available

In February 2011, the 13th edition of HDR's SDWA Update wall chart was published and distributed to all subscribers of our SDWA newsletter and the Journal AWWA magazine. The poster-sized chart provides an easy-to-use reference to all drinking water regulations including a detailed listing of contaminants and maximum contaminant levels, health effects and monitoring requirements. This edition includes current information on the Ground Water Rule, revisions/clarifications to the Lead and Copper Rules, Stage 2 DBPR and LT2ESWTR compliance requirements.

Of special note in the 2011 SDWA wall chart is the future regulations section. The EPA is moving toward regulating groups of contaminants to optimize the process and help water systems identify cost-effective compliance strategies. The EPA expects to announce its first group for regulation in 2011. Consult HDR's quarterly SDWA Newsletter for the latest information.

Two regulations currently undergoing revisions are the Total Coliform Rule and Lead and Copper Rule. Both will impact water system operations from new monitoring requirements to revised distribution system O&M guidelines. HDR is helping clients successfully manage all of these challenging issues — through development of customized disinfection strategies, design of distribution system optimization plans and implementation of corrosion control strategies. Contact us for help developing the optimum strategy to maintain compliance, optimize operations and protect the quality of your product.

After much debate, regulating perchlorate is back on the horizon. With the final regulatory determination signed by the EPA this month, the agency will move ahead to develop a perchlorate regulation. HDR's expert, Phil Brandhuber, Ph.D., is at the forefront of understanding perchlorate characteristics and possible treatment techniques.

HDR's 7 Strategies to Deliver More Value from Source to Tap

Our new theme, "Navigating Challenging Waters," reflects the current atmosphere of our industry. Critical issues like funding considerations, source water concerns, regulatory compliance, efficient operations, aging infrastructure and regional cooperation challenge water systems of all sizes. New strategies are needed that deliver more value from source to tap. HDR's top seven strategies are presented to help water organizations prepare for a more reliable and financially-secure future.

Interactive Regulations Tool

The information on HDR's 13th edition of the SDWA wall chart is also available through the interactive Regulations Tool. Look up any one of the listed contaminants or the complete contaminant listing for information on maximum contaminant levels, health effects of contaminants, monitoring requirements and projected regulatory schedules for future regulations.

Drinking Water Research Projects

HDR is currently leading research projects regarding high quality water and infrastructure reliability for the American Water Works Association Research Foundation (AwwaRF), a non-profit organization dedicated to developing technology and guidance documents for the water utility industry. Our experts, working in partnership with AwwaRF-member utilities and universities, carefully examine new approaches to water characterization, treatment and distribution developing a knowledge base to help you make important decisions regarding the safety and future of your water systems.

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