HDR Champions Healthy Materials

Continuing its 20-year commitment to sustainable design and building practices, HDR has endorsed the use of The Health Product Declaration Open Standard, a standard format that systematizes reporting language to enable transparent disclosure of information regarding building product content and associated health information. HDR champions the standard's ability to increase the availability and accuracy of reported product content and associated health information by providing a common language.

"The goal of the standard is to promote transparency and allow those of us that research materials to have the necessary information to make informed decisions for and with our clients," said Jean Hansen, sustainable interiors manager at HDR and a HPD pilot project committee member. "It will also support the growing awareness of issues regarding human and environmental health in avoiding key chemicals of concern when products with safer alternatives exist and to reward the industry as it moves to safer chemistries."

As an endorser, HDR is now asking manufacturers to adhere to the guidelines of the HPD and provide the required documentation to our design teams, our librarians/libraries and for the online resources we access. "It is our hope," said Hansen, "that we can work together to build a world that will provide opportunities of beauty and wellness for everyone in the built environment."

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