Our Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Footprint

What is a Carbon Footprint?

It is the measure of human activity quantified in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. There are multiple benefits to developing an annual GHG inventory to calculate our carbon footprint. We are able to identify the greatest sources of GHG emissions within our organization, establish a basis for developing sustainability strategies, set goals and targets for future reductions, and track progress in reducing emissions and towards meeting other sustainability goals, like energy and cost savings.

Our Carbon Footprint

We began assessing GHG emissions in 2006 and in 2008 developed our first carbon footprint. In 2011 we improved our process by selecting the carbon accounting software, Mosaic - offered by Renewable Choice Energy, to help automate data collection and calculation. We continue to work to refine these processes to accurately record and calculate our impacts.

From 2011 to 2012, we reduced emissions by four percent, including these actions and efforts:

  • Employee count increased 22 people, but square footage decreased by about 100,000 square feet, reducing Scope 2 emissions by about 5 percent from 2011 to 2012.
  • Omaha headquarters boilers were taken offline during the summer which reduced natural gas costs by $20,000 and GHG emissions by 18 percent from 2011 to 2012.
  • We reduced paper consumption by 8 million sheets from 2011 to 2012, which is equal to 93 MTCO2e*.

Our Emission Reduction Target 

Our target is to reduce GHG emission levels 20 percent by 2020 from our 2011 baseline, adjusted for growth.

This goal was developed by assessing the goals and targets of other similar firms in our industry as well as assessing national and international emissions reduction targets.

We will achieve this reduction through targeted investments in operations and improved sustainable business practices, as well as education and awareness initiatives.

Details about our carbon footprint are published in HDR's Sustainability + Corporate Responsibility Report.

*MTCO2e - Metric Tons Carbon Dioxide Equivalent is the unit of measure used to compare emissions from various greenhouse gases based upon their global warming potential (GWP).