Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Consulting

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Consulting

The push for credible climate change strategies affects communities and companies, large and small. There is a need to understand carbon footprints, emerging regulatory requirements, reporting protocols and mitigation options with effective and cost-conscious strategies that bring results across the triple bottom line of environmental, economic and social benefits.

We have developed innovative ways for clients to address climate change and greenhouse gas consulting. We use defensible methodologies to collect and report data and identify actions to reduce or stabilize emissions. We also help prepare for compliance with mandatory emissions reporting and potential cap and trade legislation.

We are well-positioned to help guide clients through the process of identifying opportunities and solutions to climate change and greenhouse gas management challenges. We have experience in every aspect of the built and natural environment with a combination of skills in technical engineering, building design and economic modeling. We offer a proactive focus on sustainable solutions complemented with specialized tools to measure sustainable return on investment.

Services include:

  • Greenhouse Gas Accounting
  • Carbon Market Consulting & Carbon Technical Advisory Services
  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration
  • Climate Variability Impact Assessment/Weather & Climate Prediction
  • NEPA Environmental Assessments and Climate Impacts