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"Travel has influenced my passion for urban design, but also my passion for the uniqueness of different places: How the city of Paris is uniquely different from San Francisco or Shanghai, for example. It inspires me to want to help enhance the uniqueness of places through intentional design." Kaia Nesbitt, Site Design Principal

Kaia shares advice for designing your own career

"I always loved building things, drawing stuff, and creating—no matter the subject matter. Taking drafting classes throughout school opened my world to the professions of engineering, architecture, and design. I realized I could think in plan view and see things my classmates couldn't, so I ran with it. Making a career out of being curious and creative while getting to change peoples' lives through the things I design has been remarkable." Caroline Dewick, Strategic Innovation Designer 

"My research career started as a child, as I read books about prehistoric creatures of the ice age. In college, I worked in a material science lab, shoveling concrete for Ph.D. students and learning how to polish stone. I began to see how to contribute to the scientific community in unique and meaningful ways." Christina Alito, Water/Wastewater Engineer 

Christina on how water research has become a key part of her work

"My career started in architecture and design and has evolved over the years to include infrastructure implementation and community development. Everything I've done has been rooted in my passion for helping communities develop according to their own unique vision, in a way that is inclusive of everyone."
Janet Gonzalez, Transportation Sustainability Leader​