Delta—Volume 1

Designing for the future of healthcare is a daily task.

Here's how to get started. 

Delta combines decades of research and experience with insight into how healthcare organizations can look to unconventional sources in order to shift their thinking and start making their future. Within the pages of Delta we explore the ideas that will shape the future landscape of health delivery, from the principles of retail thinking to the healing potential of nature. You'll learn that new technologies, changing patient needs, and new experience and engagement models are converging to shape the future of healthcare. Dig in.

What's Inside:

  • Leading Healthcare Innovation – a new approach to decision-making is essential for survival
  • Beyond Big Boxretail thinking is a key competency for healthcare leaders
  • Debunking Three Myths About the Patient Experience – transparency and meaningful interactions are the new currency in healthcare
  • Mother Nature M.D. – connections to nature can help manage chronic disease

Download Delta, your guide for driving change across healthcare delivery.