2016 Conferences - Improving Vivarium Space Utilization at AALAS

Mike Mottet on Improving Vivarium Space Utilization

Doing More with Less: Consolidation of Small, Inefficient Facilities (PS12) 

Monday, October 31st at 8:00 am EDT
AALAS 67th National Meeting  - Charlotte, NC

Michael Mottet, HDR

Many institutions have seen small to significant reductions in their research funding and have been forced to operate existing facilities and programs with less money. These institutions are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their programs with various strategies, including higher-density caging systems, faster throughput washing equipment, and other means of making their animal facilities more efficient. Several Institutions have or have begun to assess their existing vivarium facilities inventory to determine if and what opportunities exist to consolidate older, inefficient facilities into fewer, larger, and more efficient facilities. This session highlights the steps to take to move towards consolidation, including a review of review of existing animal facilities, their operational efficiencies, and the animal program financial structure.  Find out more here.

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