Community Colleges Thought Leaders

  • June Hanley, LEED APPrincipal Laboratory Planner

    June is a leader in designing research and teaching environments to meet both traditional and new pedagogies and evolving methodologies.

    She is known throughout the science and technology industry for her innovative planning techniques and her ability to facilitate communication among scientists, educators, students, administrators and facility managers.

    Her intense focus on the research environment, along with her enthusiasm, communication, and consensus-building skills, create a dynamic design process resulting in viable and vital research environments.

  • Bruce D. Carpenter, AIA, LEED APCommunity Architecture Leader

    Bruce's work reinforces the ideal that strong communities are America's cornerstone; his career is distinguished by contributions to the built environment to improve the quality of life for a community and its citizens. He has developed long-standing relationships with civic leaders as well as leaders in business and non-profits, and has become a trusted advisor upon whom these leaders rely to bring the collaborative process to bear on the facilitation of community endeavors. Bruce has been instrumental in the creation of performing arts centers, museums, parks, entertainment venues, community centers, hospitals and other public spaces that all enrich a thriving community. He is especially talented at translating cultural sensitivities into the architectural vernacular of a community's most meaningful projects.