Academic Buildings Thought Leaders

  • June Hanley, LEED APPrincipal Laboratory Planner

    June is a leader in designing research and teaching environments to meet both traditional and new pedagogies and evolving methodologies.

    She is known throughout the science and technology industry for her innovative planning techniques and her ability to facilitate communication among scientists, educators, students, administrators and facility managers.

    Her intense focus on the research environment, along with her enthusiasm, communication, and consensus-building skills, create a dynamic design process resulting in viable and vital research environments.

  • Chuck Cassell, AIAPrincipal Planner

    Chuck Cassell brings 30 years of focused experience in the programming, planning and design of science research facilities.

    He is a widely recognized authority in the design of life sciences laboratories, particularly in the fields of translational and comparative medicine, functional genomics, interactive, multi-disciplinary research and biomedical engineering.

    He has contributed to the design of numerous notable research facilities at some of the most prestigious academic and medical universities in the country.