Art Works at the Joslyn Art Museum | Omaha, NE, US
Do Space | Omaha, NE, US
Galveston Fire Station #4 | Galveston, TX, US
Historic Fourth Ward Park, Atlanta Beltline, Inc. | Georgia, US
Historic Fourth Ward Park | Atlanta, Georgia, US
Richmond City Centre Community Centre | Richmond, BC, CA

Civic spaces that foster inclusion and participation are at the heart of vibrant communities. We're committed to enhancing and strengthening communities through accessible, sustainable and inspiring public buildings. From a design standpoint, it's more about place-making as a destination—rather than simply creating a building or space. It's about bringing people together to enjoy their interests, and appreciate culture and the arts—whether it be in a small rural town or a large international city. No matter the project type, we advocate a collaborative approach to guide our design. Whether iconic or modest architecture, we listen to the concerns of a specific community to understand what they need and value, to design uplifting places promoting happiness, culture and well-being. Outside of designing community spaces, we also financially support community programs through the HDR Foundation, and volunteer our time to design critically-needed facilities for communities through Design 4 Others. We believe that giving back is not only our civic duty, but our privilege.