Galveston Fire Station #4 | Galveston, TX, US
Communications Security Establishment (CSE) Long-Term Accomodation Project | Ott
CSE Long-Term Accomodation Project | Ottawa, ON, CA
Palm Desert Sherrif's Station | Palm Desert, CA, US
Spaceport America | Sierra County, NM, US
Spaceport America | Sierra County, NM, US
Wyoming State Capitol Rennovation/Restoration | Cheyenne, WY, USA
Wyoming State Capitol Restoration | Cheyenne, WY, US

We are committed to strengthening communities through accessible, sustainable and inspiring public buildings. Through creative place-making, we strive to reinforce civic engagement, understanding that inclusion and participation is at the heart of community—whether it be a small rural town or a large international city. Our approach is based on collaboration. We always seek a shared idea—rooted in a specific community—to guide our design. Whether iconic or modest architecture, we listen to the concerns of a specific community and address them directly, and appropriately—resolving complex functional and operational requirements through deceptively simple architecture based on clarity of vision.