Design Philosophy

USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Institute | Tampa, FL, US

Physically Capture a Bold Idea or Concept -
Good design involves the complex process of evaluating multiple ideas/concepts. This thoughtful exploration generates design solutions that lead to optimal solutions for our clients. We skillfully select the most compelling idea or concept and make it the essence of our solution. This becomes the project's "signature," to be experienced by all who encounter it.

Express Integrated Design -
We fully subscribe to an integrated design process where all disciplines participate in a project's design together. Our design solutions express creative, inventive approaches that exceptional multidisciplinary teams have the capacity to create. This successful integration enhances our design solutions from start to finish.

Embody a Client's Vision -
As design professionals, we must understand and completely absorb our client's vision. Then we must meet the difficult challenge of providing superior design solutions that exceed our client's overall requirements. We do this by combining appropriate rationale with intuitive design expertise to cut through the complexity and maintain the client's vision.

Rethink the Standard Approach -
We believe that each of our designs should be unique and singularly crafted to a particular client's needs, desires and vision. Most clients seek professional design services for innovation and advancement. Our responsibility is to solve our clients' current and future needs with solutions for the future, not from the past.

Support Stewardship of Mind, Place and Resources -
We wholeheartedly embrace our responsibility to protect limited natural resources, as well as respect the people and communities who work, learn, create, heal, research and play in the spaces we design. We must be faithful stewards of our client's resources, thoughtfully evaluating, protecting and avoiding unnecessary waste.