Healthcare Consulting Services

Bellevue Medical Center | Nebraska, US

Strategic Innovation

We believe that the way we work can add meaning and value to the world. That ideas inspire change. That coloring outside the lines can illuminate fresh perspectives. And that small details yield important realizations. 
The future of every industry depends on adapting to remain relevant. Our strategic innovation consultants help healthcare clients do exactly that. We balance analytic and intuitive thinking to help organizations across the globe imagine the future and explore innovative strategies, services, visions, products and opportunities to shape it. We attribute our success to our collaborative and diverse team of trendsetters, visionaries, big picture thinkers, problem solvers, rabble rousers and thought leaders.

Predictive Analytics

We help clients understand the current market condition, physician landscape, and future population and healthcare utilization projections, all critical components to developing comprehensive operational, growth and profitability strategies. By analyzing supply, demand, and projected market volumes, HDR can help recommend medical staff development opportunities, grow programs, and suggest the optimal mix of services.

Operations Design

An integral element in the debate about healthcare reform focuses on eliminating the inefficiencies in the way care is delivered. We believe that a significant factor in helping make healthcare more affordable is to contain costs, especially those related to inefficiencies in how a building facilitates the work of its users as well as how it functions from an operations standpoint.

Healthcare Planning

HDR takes a rigorous approach to how we create designs for our clients integrating research into our decision making process. We strongly believe that decisions should be informed by evidence and solid data wherever possible to bring the appropriate and ultimately successful design for our clients. We engage in all levels of research to understand the central question in a more robust way for improved outcomes in the built environment. We have done this through post occupancy evaluation of our facilities as well as others, through our translational and community health initiatives, and finally through research projects endeavoring to understand the needs of a particular community as it relates to an appropriate care delivery model.