Science & Technology

BBSRC Plowright Building at the Pirbright Institute | Pirbright, Surrey, England
Argonne National Laboratory | Energy Sciences Building
Argonne National Laboratory, Energy Sciences Building | Lemont, IL, US
Univ of Oregon, Lewis Integrative Science Building | Eugene, OR, USA
Univ of Oregon, Lewis Integrative Science Building | Eugene, OR, US
New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets | Metrology and Food Labora
New York State Metrology and Food Laboratory | Albany, NY, US
GTech C-NES | Atlanta, GA, US
Georgia Tech, Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions Laboratory | Atlanta, GA, US

Life-changing discoveries—like the Human Genome Project—continue to merge knowledge in bio-sciences, computational sciences and healthcare. And these create new convergences. We design facilities to support these advances and foster new ones by enabling collaboration among people with different expertise and points of view. We believe that at the root of all good design is an understanding of human behavior, and how the physical environment can affect these behaviors.

We create sustainable facilities in which world-class scientists can discover cures for insidious diseases, create new sources of clean energy, protect our resources, and improve public health—enriching people's lives around the world.