Public Health Thought Leaders

  • Warren HendricksonPublic Health Expert

    For more than 30 years as a laboratory planner, designer, manager and principal-in-charge, Warren has developed an expertise in Public Health facilities to promote health and safety through innovative lab planning and design. Challenging preconceived ideas has led him to new, more efficient solutions to traditional planning and design concepts. Intimately familiar with the objectives, challenges, decision-making processes, and leadership dynamics of these complex projects, he is adept at working with scientists to balance program requirements with the anticipated budget. 

  • Jon Crane, FAIANational Director of Translational Health Sciences

    For the majority of his professional career, Jon Crane has technically planned and led laboratory projects, and worked with facilities translating scientific discoveries into heath care solutions.

    Expert at strategic planning for translational research and biocontainment facilities, Jon has developed processes for planning facilities to take discoveries through the development process into clinical application.

    He has been involved in the development of national and international laboratory safety guidelines and was responsible for editing the facilities issues in the 4th Edition of CDC/NIH "Biosafety in Microbiologcal and Biomedical Laboratories."