Vivaria Thought Leaders

  • Jerry Percifield, AIA, NCARBProject Director, Vivarium Expert

    Jerry is renowned national leader for Science + Technology for the past four decades, with extensive experience with research and development facilities for both public and private sector organizations.

    He has unrivalled expertise in the design of research facilities, particularly those utilizing innovative non-invasive imaging modalities. He is a thought leader in the rethinking and re-engineering of facilities for life sciences, as basic and clinical fields converge.

    Jerry is a frequent guest speaker at national conferences including AALAS, Labs21 and SCUP and is widely published in various industry publications.

  • Mike Mottet, LEED APPrincipal Laboratory Planner

    Mike has amassed particular knowledge in vivarium design including insectaries, equipment design and installation, and engineering coordination.

    He understands how the design of a vivarium can have a significant impact not only on the lives of the animals within it, but also can impact the people that care for those animals; ensuring equipment and space is sized appropriately for the workload is vital to creating a pleasant work environment.

    His knowledge of current research trends is an invaluable asset when designing for diverse scientific disciplines.