Healthcare for the U.S. Department of Defense

Fort Belvoir Community Hospital - Fort Belvoir, VA, USA

Military hospitals seek to provide the highest quality healthcare for our nation's warriors and their families. As a result, our designers consistently challenge existing standards and apply best practices from the civilian/private sector to develop new approaches for delivering healthcare within the armed forces. Our promise: to deliver facilities that are innovative, flexible, efficient and that support a healing, sensitive environment for patients, their families and the healthcare staff throughout the 21st century.

We have been working with USACE since 1941 and has a history of successful projects with Department of Defense (DoD) clients. We also have worked with more than 20 USACE Districts across the country. Our record with USACE shows exceptional performance in the areas of cost control, quality, compliance with schedules, working relationships with consultants, and timely construction support. We understand that our military clients are under increasing pressure to create functional and operationally efficient facilities with decreasing fiscal resources. Our experts provide facilities that delivery the full value for every dollar invested and reflect the functional and aesthetic needs of the people who will use each facility.

Ultimately, it is the goal of each of our professionals to assist our military clients as they provide quality healthcare for America's heroes. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates calls their mission "sacred." We believe there is no greater legacy than the thoughtful design of innovative healthcare environments for America's soldiers, families and veterans.

A small sample of our healthcare project experience for the DoD: