Petroleum Systems

As an industry leader in power and energy, HDR is able to bring the petroleum systems expertise of our engineers, construction inspectors, tank inspectors, equipment operators, and other professional to our federal clients around the world. With over 100 years of combined fuels experience, our Petroleum Systems Division has the resources and experience to complete a wide variety of fuels projects including specialized fuel system consulting and storage tank services.

Oil and Gas Services

Oil and Gas ServicesHDR's multi-disciplinary solutions in oil and gas reach across your upstream, midstream and downstream infrastructure developments.

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Meet our Experts

Sam VarnicleSam Varnicle, Senior Marketing Manager
Mr. Varnicle is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Petroleum Systems Division with over 42 years of experience in Both the United States Air Force and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in all aspects of Aviation petroleum operations both in DOD and Commercial systems. Specifically he was the Base Fuels Manager for the 193rd Special Operations Wing and organized the largest fuel supply in military history from Prince Sulton Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia to Baghad Airport as a run-up to the Iraq War. Mr. Varnicle is also a certified in Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector (STI) along with attending courses for API 653/650 in tank management. He held the position of Chief of Logistics and Construction for 4 years for the 201st Red Horse Unit assigned to the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

Frank MayabbFrank Mayabb, Senior Project Manager
Mr. Mayabb is a Senior Project Manager for our Petroleum Systems Division. He brings 36 years of dedicated industry experience around the world, including over 24 years with the United States Air Force as a Fuels Manager. Frank currently conducting Title I services for engineering studies for petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL) at fuels facilities at 8 Air National Guard bases nationwide as well as managing Title I services for engineering services for POL at four Air Force Bases.

Phillip BentonPhillip Benton, Service Area Manager
Mr. Benton is the Service Area Manager and a Petroleum Storage Systems Environmental Compliance Specialist with over 14 years experience managing projects and performing work on petroleum storage tank systems including construction, de-construction, testing, inspection, consulting, and environmental impact characterization and remediation. Mr. Benton has a Cathodic Protection Technician Certification from National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and an Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification from the Steel Tank Institute (STI).  He has managed many projects involving modification, repair, preparation and inspection of aboveground storage tanks ranging from 560-gallons to 2,000,000-gallons capacity. Mr. Benton has successfully managed personnel performing tightness testing on various storage tank systems and coordinated regulatory compliance for over 1,000 locations annually.  He has prepared Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plans, discharge permit applications, periodic compliance reports, and completed numerous Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments.  He has managed and performed site characterizations.

Tim BabaTim Baba, Senior Project Manager
Mr. Baba retired from the US Air Force after 23 years of service and now serves as a Senior Project Manager for the Petroleum Systems Division. As the Air Combat Command (ACC) Fuels Operations Manager he directed, reviewed, and managed facility deficiencies for 12 Air Force bases to sustain a $200 million infrastructure.  He was responsible for reviewing military construction and sustainment, repair, maintenance, and environmental (SRM&E) projects and chaired the 2010 ACC Pre-Installation Performance Review Board. As the Fuels Functional Manager for the Korean Peninsula, he was the Air Force Fuels liaison for all fuels operations during peacetime and war operations that involved the entire Korean peninsula. While with HDR Inc. Mr. Baba has performed several environmental risk assessments, compliance auditing, hazardous material site investigation and remediation, pollution prevention and control and emergency response.

Jere Ferguson, Mechanical Engineer
Mr. Ferguson is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 30 years experience in the design of fuel terminals, tanks and piping, including both commercial and DoD systems. His range of experience includes bulk petroleum terminal facility design and self-performing, authoring, reviewing and approving American Petroleum Institute (API) 653 Inspections and Reports. He is qualified to perform suitability for service assessment and integrity evaluations including brittle fracture analysis. Mr. Ferguson has completed numerous designs of aviation fueling facilities, liquid petroleum pipelines, fleet and retail vehicle fueling facilities and containment upgrades, prepared SPCC Plans, and presented fuels training programs for commercial clients and regulators.

Dennis P. Maher, Senior Consultant
Mr. Maher has more than 27 years of experience in DOD operations as a Safety/Environmental Compliance Officer, managing petroleum storage distributions systems and industrial systems safety. While serving in the United States Air Force (USAF) for 20 years, he performed the duties of Superintendent of Compliance, Safety and Environmental Services.  Since retiring from the USAF, Mr. Maher has supported several Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) initiatives.