Petroleum Systems

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Fuels projects need fuels experts. Our Petroleum Systems Division includes engineers, construction inspectors, tank inspectors, equipment operators, and other professional personnel with more than 100 years of combined fuels experience. With global offices, we’re able to support global clients. In just the past year, our team of engineers and technicians have completed more than 50 fuel tank related projects for our federal and military clients, including engineering assessments, tank inspections, and Title II oversight projects.

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Oil and Gas ServicesWith us, you can focus on what you do best—safely and responsibly exploring, producing and delivering oil and gas to fuel the world's growing demand.

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Engineering Assessments for POL Facilities
Multiple Locations Nationwide, US

Meet our Experts

Sam VarnicleSam Varnicle, Senior Marketing Manager
Sam is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Petroleum Systems Division with over 42 years of experience in Both the United States Air Force and the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in all aspects of Aviation petroleum operations both in DOD and Commercial systems. Specifically he was the Base Fuels Manager for the 193rd Special Operations Wing and organized the largest fuel supply in military history from Prince Sulton Air Force Base in Saudi Arabia to Baghad Airport as a run-up to the Iraq War. He is also a certified in Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector (STI) along with attending courses for API 653/650 in tank management. He held the position of Chief of Logistics and Construction for 4 years for the 201st Red Horse Unit assigned to the Pennsylvania Air National Guard.

Frank MayabbFrank Mayabb, Senior Project Manager
Frank is a Senior Project Manager for our Petroleum Systems Division. He brings 36 years of dedicated industry experience around the world, including over 24 years with the United States Air Force as a Fuels Manager. He currently conducting Title I services for engineering studies for petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL) at fuels facilities at 8 Air National Guard bases nationwide as well as managing Title I services for engineering services for POL at four Air Force Bases.

Tim BabaTim Baba, Senior Project Manager
Tim retired from the US Air Force after 23 years of service and now serves as a Senior Project Manager for the Petroleum Systems Division. As the Air Combat Command (ACC) Fuels Operations Manager he directed, reviewed, and managed facility deficiencies for 12 Air Force bases to sustain a $200 million infrastructure.  He was responsible for reviewing military construction and sustainment, repair, maintenance, and environmental (SRM&E) projects and chaired the 2010 ACC Pre-Installation Performance Review Board. As the Fuels Functional Manager for the Korean Peninsula, he was the Air Force Fuels liaison for all fuels operations during peacetime and war operations that involved the entire Korean peninsula. While with HDR, he has performed several environmental risk assessments, compliance auditing, hazardous material site investigation and remediation, pollution prevention and control and emergency response.

Jennifer Meyer, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in mechanical engineering and project management, primarily in the design and construction of fueling systems for military systems worldwide. Throughout her career, Ms. Meyer has acted as Program Fuels Engineer for fuels based IDIQ contracts with both the Omaha COE and NAVFAC ESC. Specifically, her experience includes over 150 POL-based task orders (TOs) worldwide for the Navy, USACE and Air Force. Jennifer has served as Lead Engineer on more than $300M of DoD fuel system design and construction projects whose scope of work included a combination of the maintenance, inspection/evaluation, repair, and/or construction of bulk fuel storage tanks, hydrant refueling systems, truck fill stands, off loading stations, military service stations and/or containments. She has served as API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank inspection reviewer and/or lead engineer for multiple tank group inspection programs, along with API 570 Piping Inspector and lead engineer for numerous DoD fuel facilities inspections, including Lajes AB, DFSP Hakozaki and DFSP Tsurumi.