Kosse Mine Power Line, Load Studies & Substation Design

Energy is a key operational consideration for mine projects. Without power, mining operations would come to a halt. Securing a sufficient source of power for operations, both above and below ground is essential to ensuring uninterrupted mine development and operations. Current trends also demand sustainable energy practices, with a push to increase conservation practices through all mine phases.

With advanced experience in transmission and distribution siting and design services, we have the staff and the experience to integrate proven energy conservation practices into your project. We can identify the most cutting-edge energy technologies to keep your mine operating at maximum efficiency.

From baseload power supply to high performance power transmission systems or with sustainable power solutions like solar, wind and hydropower, we can design an integrated power program tailored to your mining operation. When it comes to navigating the complex permitting processes required to site new transmission lines or to build a power plant to support your operation, we have longstanding positive working relationships with regulatory agencies at all levels—from federal to state and local entities around the country. Working together with you and the regulators, we will keep your mining project moving forward.