Today, the challenge is to find, extract and process mineral and fuel resources with a minimal environmental footprint. From project exploration to closure, this requires keeping an eye on accountability, sustainability and environmental performance. Conscientious treatment of the land, water, air, biological resources and social setting in early project stages lays the groundwork for a successful mining venture. Proper management of land under development keeps projects moving forward. Sustainable production procedures, with attention to infrastructure development and management of sensitive water resources and water by-products, are essential parts of this process. 

We offer a suite of environmental support services that fully considers the natural elements affected by mining operations ranging from baseline assessments to permitting to waste management and recycling. We provide integrated science, design expertise and implementation strategies for mine permitting projects within the framework of state and federal regulations, including NEPA, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and SMCRA. Our services are dedicated to protecting the land, water and air quality at client sites, while ensuring that projects meet operational goals.

Our staff of environmental scientists, biologists and engineers work together to address the needs of our mining clients with sound science, exceptional project management and a dedication to meeting project needs based on a "do no harm" philosophy.