Water Treatment & Process

Raffinate Booster Pump Station, Southwest, US

Today, many mining companies face a multitude of challenges as they strive for sustainable water usage and processing practices. Challenges include compliance with regulations, converting wastes into reusable products, evaluating water sources, and implementing new technology to reduce operating costs or improve system reliability. We have more than 30 years of experience providing professional services for industrial facilities including mining operations. Our project experience includes facility planning and design, environmental engineering and construction-related services consisting of water or waste characterization, water treatment plant design, laboratory and pilot scale treatment, pollution prevention, waste minimization, alternative development and evaluation, permitting, cost estimate preparation and design-build project delivery.

We provide specialized engineering of mining-related systems such as raffinate piping and pumping, PLS, sulfuric acid and cyanide storage and injection facilities, and SX/EW tank farms. Our industrial facility and process water experts understand the water treatment and design challenges faced by the mining industry and work proactively to address them. Our proven track record is built on developing innovative solutions that help our clients gain a competitive advantage in their market.