Exploration & Production

As owner's engineer, HDR authored new substation standards.
MWEC Bakken Area Program Management | North Dakota, US
Marine Monitoring, Modeling and Oil Spill Response Management | West Bukha Field
Marine Monitoring, Modeling & Oil Spill Response Mgmt | Oman
Point Thomson Third-Party EIS, ExxonMobil | North Slope, AK, US
Point Thomson Third-Party EIS | Alaska, US

The exploration and production of oil and gas are oftentimes the most heavily debated and controversial aspect of the energy industry. From new technologies in fracking to subsea drilling; it's a complex and highly technical part of the supply chain. We get it and that's why we've made it a top priority to help E&P clients find the safest, environmentally conscience ways to extract valuable resources responsibly.

Our experts know what it takes to make E&P projects a success, and we've provided services across the board including strategic stakeholder communications, regulatory and compliance strategy and water supply and disposal. In Alaska, we've worked on all aspects of exploration and production projects with both environmental and engineering support. And we've supported the offshore oil E&P market with our industry-leading oil spill response preparedness and contingency planning services.