Renewable Solid Fuels

Lee County Resource Recovery Facility | Fort Myers, FL, US

As the search for greener forms of energy production intensifies, transforming waste and biomass into energy can help your community demonstrate its commitment to renewable energy while protecting the environment. Acceptance of waste as a source of energy has gone mainstream. An increasing number of operational waste-to-energy plants are producing refuse-derived fuel to support solid fuel boilers.

With a strong track record in biomass and involvement in more than two-thirds of operational waste-to-energy facilities in the United States, our solutions tap into the latest and cleanest options available. Our experience and award-winning waste-to-energy projects can help you understand the benefits of pursuing a renewable solids fuel project. And when it comes to making sure that members of your community understand these benefits, our seasoned public outreach teams can address that with comprehensive services to keep your project moving forward.