Environmental Thought Leaders

  • Jim BrownDirector of Transportation Environmental Programs

    Jim Brown has three decades of experience in the environmental field, with particular knowledge in the preparation of environmental and planning studies for major land use development, transportation and infrastructure projects under federal, state and local environmental requirements. He has worked on projects in over half the states in the union, including planning and environmental studies for major residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and mixed-use facilities. He is co-author of the environmental chapter of the Third Edition of the Highway Engineering Handbook published by McGraw Hill in 2009.

    Jim is a member of HDR's sustainability practice and has a comprehensive grasp of the broad range of environmental requirements and studies critical to development projects. His expertise includes preparation of required environmental permits, wetlands delineation and impact studies, environmental due diligence studies and preparation of comprehensive environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and similar state and local legislation countrywide. Jim works closely with the project development team, including project architects and landscape architects, land use and environmental attorneys, project planners and engineers, and financial specialists to create a project that will gain early approval through any mandated environmental review process.

  • Vince IzzoDirector of Environmental Services for Transportation

    Vince Izzo has 25 years experience in environmental analysis, spending much of his career in performing evaluations for transportation and land planning. He began focusing on environmental evaluations with the Department of Defense, working on closed military base public redevelopment plans. To expand his knowledge of planning, Vince delved into transportation environmental planning for state transportation departments. His experience includes environmental impact reports, agency and local government coordination, public involvement and environmental permitting.

    Vince most enjoys the agency coordination process — identifying collaborative solutions that benefit both the project and the environment. With his experience in agency coordination and permitting, Vince can streamline the environmental approval process for any project.