Entitlements & Permits

Depending on the location, jurisdiction, project size and/or complexity of your project, every development and redevelopment initiative requires some form of approvals, often involving multiple entities at the local, state and federal level. Though some requirements are universal and must be addressed during nearly all projects, others can vary significantly from one municipality to another. As a result, the process of applying for permits, negotiating approvals with various regulators and achieving the desired entitlements can be complex and expensive.

We help clients understand and efficiently navigate through these regulatory processes and seek approvals. Approvals are often conditional, and the permits enabling development generally contain significant limitations, restrictions and additional requirements, which often imply significant reconsideration of plans and programs. We are experienced in all aspects of the regulatory approval process, from local zoning codes, to regional and state comprehensive planning requirements, to state and federal requirements associated with environmental protection, water quality, air quality and the provision of infrastructure and other facilities.