Transforming Transportation: Adaptable, Flexible Roadways of the Future

A Series on How to Prepare for Momentous Change in the Transportation Industry

Ready or not, change is coming. Nowhere is that more evident than the transportation industry. Our Transforming Transportation series brings insight on how to respond to the topics, trends and requirements that are driving change.

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05 - Next Generation Managed Lanes: Adaptable, Flexible Roadways of the Future

By Brian Swindell, VP, Managed Lanes Practice Lead, PE and Bernard J. Arseneau, VP, National Director, Traffic Management Systems, PE, PTOE

As transportation continues to transform, the concept of managed lanes remains an evolutionary idea that has not been fully explored for its ability to address the changing traffic environment and ongoing innovations in technology. This article introduces a new concept called Modular Lanes. Modular Lanes are managed lanes that give planners the flexibility to adapt to the inevitable changes that the transportation system will encounter over time. This lets owners maximize the use of current facilities as they respond to the need for technology integration and plan for future infrastructure enhancements.

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